Why do we create? Is it for money, popularity or fame? We create because of the lives we could change, all the people we could make laugh, and all the people we could make cry. Film, and art in general, has so much power and can do so much good in the world, so why wouldn't we create?
Hi, I’m Caleb Rayner but everyone calls me Curlyfries because of my hair. I am a filmmaker, photographer, and designer. I created Curlyfries Studios for the intention of creating films that inspire, teach and change peoples lives. My goal is to eventually build up an independent film studio, not controlled by big studios focused on making the most money, but primarily focused on making life-changing films, even if that means creating films with no money.
(If you want to hire us for a film, photography or design job, contact us via the contact page of our website)
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